Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe......

About the time we thought the flood rugs had come to an end, we had an inundation (literally) of rugs from folks that have finally gotten around to checking on their self storage units and found that things have been wet now for about two weeks. These are mildewing, moldy, partly wet/ partly dry, discolored and SMELLING like something else again. Depending on the degree of damage some are still salvageable and some are sadly, not.
Don't try to correct this problem at home, this is best done by experienced professionals, a lot like those car ads on TV where they drive in improbable situations and get out smiling...........
Other than that, not a very eventful day. Just trying to help the accountants get 2008 closed,
last quarters tax filings, closing January (glad it's over!)......I noticed leaving for work at 6 am that it's already getting light earlier and I've realized that I'm ready for Spring.

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