Saturday, February 28, 2009

Multi Generational Rugs in Seattle

We had a lot of fun here today. An old time client and her husband are moving into a smaller home so it's time to bring the rugs in for cleaning before they go to her daughters house. We've seen these rugs regularly over the years and watched the kids grow up.

She was telling her daughter how they had first purchased the rugs with their first joint income tax refund after they were married for their first home. The daughter was remembering how the rugs were just older than she was and how they had always been the focal point of her parents home and how excited she was that they would continue to be so in hers.

We are cutting new pads as well so they can keep looking their best.


RugloverMary in Victoria, BC said...

That is such a nice story. I love hearing the personal history of people's rugs. I am glad to hear that the daughter will continue to love the rugs as well and hopefully be able to past them onto her children as well. Thanks for sharing this with us Thea!!!

PjCarlisimo said...

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steamclean said...

Nice story to read. It looks very nice when your young ones are having same feelings toyour favorite things!

steamclean said...

Its a nice story! The most appreciated part is that their daughter is also attached to the parents things, takes interest in their things and continue to use it as part of her own home. Hope for same for her kids also.