Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter wonderland?

Between my guy having a total hip replacement surgery and the pre and post surgery hooha AND our special little weather treat, I haven't had much time to blog.

Streets here have been closed, we have 14 inches of snow in our yard and while (finally) main streets are getting plowed, most side streets are closed. 8 inches of solid slush is common. It was coming down faster than we could get rid of it.

We were unable to get the employees to work to clean rugs, unable to get the trucks out to clean rugs, clients were unable to get out to bring us rugs SOOOO the gist being we were pretty much closed between the 18th through Christmas. We're currently shooting for next Monday the 29th.

Even UW was closed for three days in a row. Now the thaw is hitting and the air is warmer than the snow so there's an odd looking fog everywhere rising from the snow. Rain is forecast starting tomorrow so we expect flooding and some busy times between water, holiday parties and pet accidents.

Hope that you all had a safe holiday. After the fist fight I saw today at Fred Meyers I guess the Peace on Earth thing is over until next year. Check out the lovely (and PEACEFUL) Christmas greeting from Dr Mehrabadi at the Iranian Interests Section in Washington DC. on Barry O'Connell's main page. I find it somehow ironic that all of my Christmas morning phone calls to wish us holiday greetings were from my Muslim friends.



Dave said...

Hi Thea!

We used to get a fair amount of inquiries regarding the process of "snow cleaning" rugs. Have you caught anyone out there in Seattle throwing their carpets in the fresh powder in the past? Seems like real risky business!

Stay warm and dry, sounds like it got messy out there!

Happy New Year,


RugloverMary said...

Yes Thea, we have been experiencing our own winter wonderland here in Victoria, BC. I have given up on the whoole peace on earth, and decided that peace within politicians would be more effective. LOL. Happy Holidays!

Seattle rug cleaning said...

Hey Dave, you guys live back in the
land of "real Winter" as well.
Snow here tends to be wet and dense not that cute fluffy stuff so any attempt to "snow clean" rugs results in a wet, frozen mass stuffed into a Hefty bag in the trunk of a car.
My European friends tell me that snow cleaning is a way to "refresh" your rugs mid-season, then you clean them for real in the summer when it's hot and dry outside.
For anyone reading this who doesn't know about snow cleaning -
you can (in theory)turn your rug upside down on the snow and beat it with a broom to shake out all the loose material then you turn it pile side up, dust it with powdered snow and sweep it off with the broom to lightly clean the
top. It's meant to supplement, not replace thorough cleaning.
You can do the same thing with less risk by vacuuming the rug thoroughly from the back with a beater bar vacuum, turning it face up and vacuuming the face, then very lightly misting the surface of the rug with a spray bottle filled with water and about 1/4 cup white vinegar. Stroke the rug in the direction of the pile with a clean towel to remove the surface
dust and soiling.
Happy New Year everyone!