Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Too dull for a title

One thing about this blog - it prompts you for a "title". Much too grand a term for the kind of day today was.

Today was my first board meeting as President of CCINW (Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest). This was a working board meeting, not the kind where you sit in a swanky room swilling martinis. I went to work at 6 AM, cleaned up yesterdays messes and put out fires, went to my board meeting and came home. Whee!

It really was more interesting than that. Many kudos to the great people of the CCINW board - there have been so many volunteer hours spent to advance the industry, usually without the appreciation of the rank and file members who get the benefits.

Tomorrow is a carpet inspection, Thursday is our industry dinner, Friday is a reception at Earthues for the new holiday collection.

Saturday is rug appreciation day at Emmanuel's Rug & Upholstery with Barry O'Connell!
Drop in and have a cup of coffee.

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