Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after...Thanksgiving!

Hopefully this isn't your kitchen after you use the self-cleaning oven to tidy up after yesterday's food fest. We tend to have small holiday gatherings, but this is how I have felt "the day after" whatever holiday, trying to clean up. A nuclear holocaust would have been easier.......
We opened for work today at Emmanuel's. Black Friday can be either hit or miss for us so we had a few come in and a few go home but today was best spent as a day to accomplish cleaning in the shop. We've been doing some auto body work, replacing a water pump on the Isuzu delivery truck and I've been replacing tile on the bathroom floors.
We wrapped up early today in the interest of work. Someones water lines decided to have a rupture and flood the home while they were in Florida on vacation so I drove the cargo van (with Barry riding shotgun) to go pick up a load of wet rugs.
Here's a great hint for wet rugs or when bringing in something with a messy spill you don't want to have spread through your rug: lay newspapers, a sheet of plastic, a towel or rags (depending what has spilled) on the surface of the rug and roll the rug up around them. It can keep colors from bleeding from front to back, pet accidents from smearing, etc.
Have a great weekend!


RugloverMary said...

Yes Thea the aftermath of holidays can take away the excitement of it all. Back on Feb.1, 2008 I wrote about getting a housesitter or have someone check your house when you go away. Doing so can prevent a lot of problems and save you a lot of money.

Seattle rug cleaning said...

I think my own pets have been worse than any clients. We had a cat that would use ONE brand and one brand only of kitty litter. We were gone almost three weeks, the housesitter ran out and (despite our instructions) dared to purchase ANOTHER obviously (to the cat) less bathroom worthy brand.
We returned to a river of cat urine and excrement that ran all the way through the house, the bed was soaked, the furniture, the hardwood floors had to be replaced.
The litter box was - you guessed it - untouched. Next trip the little vixen was boarded at the vet. The house sitter was the 13 year old from next door.

Just a hint: get an experienced insured, licensed and bonded house sitter. Show them where the water and gas turn offs are, leave a list of your utility companies, veterinarians, etc. If you have a fussy pet, buy that favorite food or litter BEFORE you leave home.