Monday, November 10, 2008

How much advertising can you believe?

First of all, I'm going to be off work for the next couple of days. I stopped to get my annual flu shot yesterday and, since I hadn't had a pnuemonia shot in the last 8 to 10 years, got my booster there too. Apparently, the formula of the carrier for the dead virus in the shot has been changed since my last shot and I very rapidly developed a raging allergic reaction that precipitated a late night run to the emergency room with a right bicep that looked like a body builder, itchy, hard as a rock and bright red. Oh yes, and I couldn't turn my head. Today I'm home keeping company with Percoset, Benadryl and steriods.

Just some personal observations: I was noticing in the phone book the other day how many rug and carpet cleaners advertise themselves as "the best", "superior" or "expert". They all have "state of the art " equipment, etc. How does the consumer know how to choose? While there are many dedicated, well educated cleaners out there (yes there are classes in all kinds of cleaning and national certifications available) who take great pride in their profession, the truth is that absolutely anyone can go buy a machine and - with no training - put advertising in the yellow pages and start cleaning! Are you sure this is who you want in your home?

Ask anyone that you are considering to clean your valued furnishings about their system, how long they have been cleaning, whether or not they belong to a national certification agency and have taken any educational classes and/ or how much training their company provides.

Ask for referrals. Do they have any warranties or guarantees? Bonded and insured?

Don't take certification for granted. Do your homework, go with someone you feel comfortable with. Ask for a written estimate if you are unsure, don't let anyone pressure sell you.

Price isn't everything. Many offers that have low price up front may have hidden charges. Remember that ultimately, you get what you pay for and the cost to repair work that was done incorrectly may outweigh the cheap price.

Don't wait till the last minute to book a cleaning. Everyone else does that too and peak cleaning times - like the upcoming holidays - are often hard times to get appointments.

Emmanuel's isn't the fast food of rug and carpet cleaning and I like it that way. Life's too short for bad food, cheap beer or just simply not having a job done well.

Happy Veterans Day tomorrow!


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