Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weather and rug cleaning in Seattle

There's an old joke that it only rains twice a year here in Seattle: Once for for 182 days and once for 183. Happily this is untrue and we do get lots of lovely sun, but when the grey days set in they seem to last forever.

No surprise that business is fueled by both. When the sun's out clients notice how everything needs to be cleaned, when it rains even the cats and dogs don't want to go outside and accidents happen. You can even check out flea activity on the weather channel. All that wet stuff gets tracked inside as well. Did you know that one grain of sand can have up to 24 cutting edges and when that stuff gets into your rugs and carpets it's like a bazillion little hacksaws making your floor coverings prematurely old? Tan wall to wall carpet can hide up to one pound of sand per square foot and a Chihuahua can urinate five gallons of urine a year. Of course if you don't want that urine in your carpet, you can use it decrease your risk of heart disease......that you get from lack of exercise in Seattle when it's raining. Just checking to see if anyone out there has a sense of humor.

It's a wonder to me how some rugs last hundreds of years and some look like ICK in two or three.

We have high wind warnings through tomorrow with four to eight inches of rain expected in the "higher elevations" with possible flood warnings. I expect that rug and carpet cleaning will keep us busy in Seattle.


RugloverMary said...

Thea, it just so happens that I have a lovely Chihuahua and I got a kick out of the urine to reduce heart disease. Great job on your blog. I work for Dusty and we meet at your 100 year anniversary last year, I don't expect you to remember me, there were a lot of people there and lots of great wine. Thanks RugloverMary

Seattle rug cleaning said...

Hey Mary! Yes I remember you and saw the picture of your cute little guy on your blog.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just writing for myself so I thought I'd start throwing a few ringers in to see if anyone pays attention!

Any chance we may see you for the Rug Appreciation morning? Do you have a distinctly Canadian rug for us to look at? ')

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Seattle rug cleaning said...

Thank you Victoria, we'd love to be included!