Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Radiator heaven!

After some stalling this morning, the radiator showed up repaired and painted a lovely beetle black. Thankfully it slid right into place and didn't leak!!

Barry scanned another of my bags, I hope I don't go down for posterity as a "bag lady".

No sage words about rug or carpet cleaning in Seattle or anywhere else today. I spent the day today doing what I hate most, accounting. Some people LOVE numbers and are meant to be accountants. I am not one of those people, however I'm a severe textile junkie if you couldn't tell...

I did get out to look at a couple of rugs being consigned for sale: a 12 x 17 Creme Kerman Karastan from the 1930's (more or less) and a second Karastan, 8 x 10, pattern yet to be determined. These are classic original rugs, full piled. No stains, odors or other immediate issues and a great economical choice for a family looking to fill a big space with a good quality rug for less than new! Hope to get pictures posted later this week.


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